Construction projects around town can be annoying at best, or totally destroy any chances you have of getting anywhere on-time at worst. This intersection though, at S. Coulter and Hollywood, is an absolute headache.

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The lights seem to change so, and I can't emphasize this enough, so slow. If you catch the light when it turns red, it feels like you're stuck waiting forever to go.

Then, when it does finally turn green you don't have very long to make it through the intersection before you get stuck again. There have been times when I was traveling south on Coulter, and have had to sit through multiple red lights before finally getting through the intersection.

That's because the southbound traffic gets really backed up one in a while. Which brings me to the other major headache about this intersection.

If you turn in and stop at the gas station on the corner, may the Lord be with you. Should that line get backed up, you're stuck. Fortunately there are some really nice people living in Amarillo that will sometimes wave you through so you can get out of the gas station parking lot.

Otherwise, you're stuck; and the guy behind you doesn't really seem like the understanding type.

I'm not mad at the construction workers. Amazingly, they don't really impede traffic at all; other than southbound Coulter being turned into a two lane road at the light (one lane is a right turn only).

I know that once the construction is done, it will be nice and wonderful. Until then, I'll just budget an extra 10 minutes in to my commute so I can deal with a red light that I'm pretty sure has a personal vendetta against me.

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