An unbelievable story about Justin Bieber has gone viral in Amarillo.

The title of the story is "Justin Bieber Building Megachurch In Amarillo, Texas." Well, that caught my attention! Why would Justin Bieber build a megachurch in the city of megachurches? wrote that Justin chose Amarillo because of the population of Christians in our area.

Justin Bieber has always been open about his faith, often thanking God and Jesus in his acceptance speeches at award shows. Justin is also caught partying and partaking in illegal activities a lot, though. In fact, he was arrested just a few years ago for a DUI.

Amarillo has been the subject of plenty of phony stories involving celebrities moving here. Just last week, a report that Clint Eastwood was buying a house in Amarillo went viral.

Click here to read the full story and you tell me if this report is true or just a phony story flying around Facebook!

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