Prom season is upon us.  A lot of decisions will have to be made.  Dress, dinner, limo, date, and after parties.  But is supervised-underage drinking for prom ok?

As parents the main job is to open the purse or wallet and set a budget on what you are going to buy.  It seems that girls are the most expensive.  They need a dress, shoes, hair, nails, and so on and so on.  Guys are just as expensive.  They need the tux, a corsage, transportation, dinner and who knows what else.

But parents are sometimes faced with another problem, whether to buy their kid alcohol or not.  This isn't a new subject.  As a matter of fact, when I went to prom several kids had parents that bought them alcohol for after prom.  The actuality is that a ton of teens will be drinking after prom with or without permission.

So the question is, if you are supervising, is underage drinking for prom ok?  Now when I say supervising, I use that term loosely.  I know that no parent who has agreed to buy alcohol is actually going to sit and watch these kids drink.  But is it ok to give them permission?

I know that it is wrong, but when I was younger my mom would let us drink on occasion.  She said that she would rather us drink at home and be safe than to be out drinking and driving.

I see both sides of the spectrum.  At home they'll be safe, but it's still wrong.  My son is growing up super fast and I too will be faced with this decision.  Will I allow him to drink at prom or will I not?  The truth is I hope that I bring him up in a way that he'll be the one to make the responsible decision.


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