Over the weekend I was booked to DJ a wedding out in Bushland. It was a beautiful wedding reception that was held in the groom's barn.

I was playing music for the guests, bride, groom, horses... and one HUGE dog! This was not your average dog. The owner had rescued this amazing pet from the pound, making him even more special. This dog was so smart that when he/she would hear a good song the dog would jump up on it's two back legs and put its two front legs on the owner's shoulders as if the dog wanted to dance. I believe this dog is a Great Dane and only 2 years old. You can tell there is a lot of love between the pet owner and dog. That's true meaning of how we should treat all pets like they are kids!

As of right now this is the biggest dog I have ever seen. Do you know of a bigger dog here in Amarillo?