It is nothing new for women to store money or other items in their bra.  But over the past few weeks of hot summer weather, I began thinking how gross it actually is.

I have never used my bra as a purse, but I've seen women hold all kinds of stuff in there.  Everything from money to cellphones, even keys.  I feel that it would be 100% uncomfortable.  But besides the fact that you have something stabbing your boobs, it is down right gross.

Let me begin by stating that I am borderline OCD.  I am obsessed with my house being clean and disinfected.  But I can control it.  If I'm at work, I try not to let it get to me so much.  With the same breath, I don't want to touch people's sweat if I don't have to.

This summer has been super hot.  Temperatures reaching into the 100's can work up quite a sweat.  The other day, it was in the high 90's and miserable.  I decided to go out and do a little shopping.  Let me reinforce how hot it was, you couldn't walk to your car without breaking a sweat.

So I'm standing in line to buy a soda and the lady in front of me pulls out her debit card, realizes it's sweaty and wipes it off.  She then hands it to the cashier.  At this point I am cringing with disgust.

It is bad enough that we sweat in these high temperatures, but boobs tend to sweat a little more because they have an extra layer of clothing surrounding them.  And most of the time, bras are made of a little thicker material.  That means hotter and more sweaty.

I would not want to take money that was sweaty and wet.  It is gross!  It would be like a man holding his money in his underwear.  And I would not want to take money from there either.

Am I going overboard with this?  It it really disgusting or is my OCD doing all the talking?  Share your thoughts below.


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