It's been a couple of years since we heard the news in Amarillo. We were getting some pretty famous names at Hodgetown. Usually, we start thinking about a new pitcher, a big-name hitter. No this was bigger.

Anyone who calls themself a fan of baseball knows the name Caray. First, there was Harry Caray, who of course is a hero to all the Cubs fans. Then we had Skip Caray who was a longtime Atlanta Braves announcer. Chip was the next in the long line of famous Caray's he was also with the Atlanta Braves. I will say I was crushed last off-season when I heard the news that Chip was moving on from the Braves and on to St. Louis.

The good news is that  Amarillo has the fourth line of famous Caray's in Chris and Stefan Caray. Or at least they did.

Welcome to the Majors

They have been the voice of the Amarillo Sod Poodles for the past two seasons. That is about to change, though. Chris Caray received the call that every announcer dreams about to make the move to the Major Leagues.

According to NBC Sports California, Chris Caray said:

Ever since I was a 12-year-old kid, I dreamed of becoming a Major League broadcaster. Now, I’m thrilled that that dream has come true. I’m honored and proud to join a franchise with the rich history of the Oakland A’s, and I can’t wait to grow along with this young, exciting team and my new partners with NBC Sports California, Jenny Cavnar and Dallas Braden.

So we can continue to root for Chris just on a different level. We can remember when he walked around Hodgetown. Even as he moves on to California and eventually to Las Vegas when the team moves we will always consider him a Sod Poodle.

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Don Harrington Discovery Center

The Don Harrington Discovery Center is a amazing science center in Amarillo. It is a fun place to bring the kids to learn about all sorts of things, from building, to dinosaurs, to animals, and even space.

Bring the kids out for some fun and excitement.

Tuesday - Saturday 9:30 - 4:30
Sunday Noon - 4:30

Adults: $14
Children Under 1: FREE
Children 2-17: $9
Military: $11
Seniors: $11
Students: $11

1200 Streit Drive Amarillo, Tx 79106
Call: (806) 355-9547

Gallery Credit: Lori Crofford