We were having our weekly meeting here at the radio station and trying to come up with story ideas. It's something we do as a group on Mondays. It was mentioned that Wonderland announced its opening date for this year.

Then the topic came up about it being a lot earlier this year than usual. Yes, on the calendar it might seem like it's a bit earlier. There is a simple reason for the earliness. For anyone who has lived here and paid attention, you may have caught on to something.

This year's opening day may be at the end of March. Which it is. Last year it opened in April. Yes, it was early April. Some years it opens later in April. There is a certain explanation as to when Wonderland Park opens. I guessed it right away.

See this has always been the thing with Wonderland Park. Last year they made this announcement.

Opening Day of Wonderland for Last Year 2023

They opened up on April 8th. This year the park is opening up on March 30th. So yes, it is earlier than last year.

Opening Day of Wonderland for This Year 2024

Why is it opening in March and not April like last year? Those who are in the know get it. Wonderland always opens up on Easter weekend. Easter is one of those holidays that changes every year.

Sometimes Easter is in March. Sometimes it is in April. It can be early April or late April. It changes around and so that also changes the date of opening weekend for Wonderland.

Wonderland opened up on April 8th of 2023. Easter was April 9th back in 2023. This year they are opening up on March 30th. Guess what? Easter is on March 31st. So see that is how it works. You are now let in on this little secret.

Some years opening weekend is in April and sometimes it is in March. It all depends on how Easter falls that year. The more you know.

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