Canyon really knows how to put on an event. They are a small town with a great attitude for getting things done. They have one of the biggest celebrations on the 4th of July. Heck everyone from Amarillo travels down to Canyon because we sure can't put on as great of a show.

We all know Canyon is the place. Well, this past summer Canyon couldn't shoot off the fireworks that they purchased for their celebration. Everyone was disappointed but they promised to make it right.

Oh, and they sure are keeping their promise. No fireworks for the 4th of July only means one thing. That's ok, we had forgotten that by now but we are thrilled with their plans. Canyon already has a great Christmas celebration but it's going to go out with a bang.

All of those fireworks are going to be put to good use this weekend. Not only will Canyon have its parade with all of the pretty lights. They will then light up the Christmas tree. So many lights for the family to enjoy.

Just makes sense that they will get to end the night in Canyon by lighting up the sky. This will be great for the family. All the oohs and ahhs we are used to reserving for the 4th of July celebration we get to just change the weather but not our excitement.

So if we need one more reason to be excited about the holiday season Canyon just gave us one. All the fun will be this Saturday night.

Heck, you can have two fun nights of Christmas cheer. Why not spend Friday night in Amarillo at their parade and celebration? Then you can make sure you are in Canyon Saturday night. The whole weekend can end with a bang.

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