The fact that I40 travels right through this great city of Amarillo leads to many great things you can witness. You may see some great tour buses traveling through on the way to their destination. You may run into a famous person here or there.

One thing is that it is never boring. Over the weekend you may have stopped by to see a planned visit by the famous Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile. This is not their first stop in the area but every time they do come here that is one vehicle that catches your eye.

I mean a bright orange hot dog traveling through the streets of Amarillo. If you haven't ever experienced that it really makes you chuckle. I love the Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile. I used to work at Affiliated Foods and one would show up to our food shows.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Every time you see it you get a smile on your face. We even had it make a stop to our radio station on a visit to town. That was quite the day.

Over the weekend you may have spotted that Weiner Mobile was in town.  It was a planned visit. It made a stop here in Amarillo.

While it was in town it opened its doors so that you could even check out the inside. Trust me seeing inside and checking out the magic that is the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile is something else.

credit: Jason Packer
credit: Jason Packer

It doesn't matter how many times I have been part of the magic and have seen this bright orange vehicle it still makes you smile. I just happened to be driving down Wolflin right by Wolflin Elementary when I watched the Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile drive right passed me after their event.

Of course, it once again brought a smile to my face. I mean how could it not?

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