As the school year is coming to another end you may be talking to your kiddos about getting a summer job. A lot of us have had those growing up. It teaches them responsibilities. It really does. Plus, let's face it they will have their own money.

They will not be using as much of yours. That is a dream, right? They can use that money to buy that pair of shoes they have been eyeing. They can pay for their own gas. They can save some to help with the cost of college. Whatever the reason having a summer job can be rewarding.

Where Should the Kiddos Go to Work This Summer?

There are plenty of places hiring. There are plenty working for just summer help. You first have to have a discussion. Is this going to be a job they keep during the school year as well? If so you may look at other places than seasonal help. If not, if this is just a summer job heck look for those summer jobs.

Most places are looking for workers that are at least sixteen years old so keep that in mind.

They can find a job that is both fun and still teaches them about having a job. A job will teach them how to work for a boss. How to make sure you show up on time. Oh, and can help them learn teamwork.

Seasonal Amarillo Summer Jobs for the Kids

  • Hodgetown: If you love baseball this is the ultimate dream job. You can work and catch a game. My daughter grew up working at a baseball park and oh, all the memories made.
  • Wonderland Park: A lot of kids work out at Wonderland. A lot of kids have a lot of fun running a ride out at the park. Heck, they can work the concession stands or work with the games. So many jobs for the taking.
  • SportsWorld: They just opened up for the season so why not check out this fun place? I mean your friends will be there why not be the one making money this summer?
  • Amarillo Parks and Recreation: I always wanted to be a lifeguard. That was my dream job. There are other jobs than that. So much fun and you can work on your tan too. Oh, they have all kinds of jobs this summer. Not just being a lifeguard.
  • Yard Service: Do you have a mower? Let your kid start their own business and work on their tan. This is great for those entrepreneurs.

Non-Seasonal Jobs for the Kids

  • Cinergy Entertainment: The kids have so much fun watching a movie or playing games out there. Why not get a job and make money so you can spend more time enjoying the movies and games?
  • Amp'd Trampoline Park: Again a fun place can be turned into a money-making job.
  • Westgate Mall: Your favorite stores and food there. You don't have to ever leave. So many stores and food places to find a job to work at as well.
  • Sonic, McDonald's, or any Fast Food Place: Again you probably spend a lot of time there getting a burger. Why not go where you are sure to be able to see your friends?

These are just a few ideas while you are thinking of places for your kiddos to work this summer. Where are some other fun places for the kids this summer?

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