Cinco de Mayo is almost here which means if you live in Mexico it's just another day but in America it means you leave out all those empty tequila bottles for the agave fairy to fill. I actually made up the agave fairy but it sounds like a great marketing concept. In actuality Cinco de Mayo is the celebration of when Mexico won the battle of Puebla against the French.

In America Cinco de Mayo involves drinking and partying it up with all the best foods and alcohol made in Mexico but everyone seems to forget one staple of Mexican cuisine. The pink cake! That's right the pink cake, pastelito rosa, or just pastel is one of, if not the, best and most beloved pan dulce in not just Texas but all of the Americas. I know some of you who have never had it are skeptical but it is just a classic dessert you can find at any panaderia, or flea market, that sells pan dulce.

Now what makes Mexican pink cake so different from regular cake, well first of all its the overall taste of the cake itself. It's not overly sweet but almost has like a more hardy taste to it but it's also moist and very soft. You can't have the pink cake without the pink frosting which adds the right amount of sweetness to counter balance the flavors of the cake itself, so you get that perfect bite of sweet and hardy. Sprinkles are optional but they honestly just add to the fun of eating the pink cake.

So this Cinco de Mayo make sure you go to your local panaderia and get a slice of the pink cake to kick off your festivities. If you have never had the pink cake or you just want to tell us how much you love it just let us know in the comments. Don't forget to drink responsibly and take a bite of cake.

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