cinco de mayo

Shock Collar Question of the Day
"America goes crazy every Cinco de Mayo, buying 12.3 million cases of tequila, 17.5 million 6-packs of Corona, and 47% of all cocktail sold today are margaritas. But when it comes to Mexican food, what is the most sold food item on Cinco De Mayo every year...
Cinco De Mayo Deals Around Town
Cinco De Mayo is here!  That means a lot of people are going to use today as an excuse to get drunk, lol.  But there are other deals that the entire family can take advantage of.
10 Mouth-Watering Alternative Cinco de Mayo Treats
It’s May and that means that soon we’ll be celebrating our Mexican heritage, much like we all celebrate our Irish heritage in March…even when we have neither. Cinco de Mayo is a great excuse to leave work early, eat tortilla chips and drink more tequila than sa…

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