Anytime I-40 is shut down it is an inconvenience.

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I-40 has been shut down for weather, for wrecks, for random cattle, but a kangaroo?  That's definitely a first, but that is exactly what happened.   I-40 was shut down for a bit on Tuesday, October 4th because two men and two State Troopers were chasing a, you guessed it, kangaroo.

Kangaroos are nowhere near-native to Amarillo or Texas for that matter, but it seems that Amarillo is becoming a place for kangaroos.

In fact, the irony floating in the air is the infamous Rick Looby had his kangaroo stolen off his property on September 25, 2021.

Now the two people who were involved in the stolen kangaroo Christopher Potts and Megan Sandefer were arrested on October 7, 2021, and charged with theft of property over $2,500.

Randall County Sheriffs Office
Randall County Sheriff's Office

Unfortunately, the kangaroo was never recovered.  What a coincidence this would be if this particular kangaroo was the stolen Looby Kangaroo.

Hmmm, one could only hope.  No one likes to lose a pet or have a pet stolen.  It doesn't matter if it is a dog, cat, or kangaroo.

The stolen kangaroo set off a chain reaction for Rick Looby, in fact, he announced back in June, that he was selling the rest of his exotic animals.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Again, kangaroos are not native to this area and most are privately owned.  However, if you are really wanting to see a kangaroo, go visit Mikey at the Amarillo Zoo.  Or drive I-40 you never know when you might see one evading the cops.

Michael J. Rivera/TSM Amarillo
Michael J. Rivera/TSM Amarillo

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