As Young Thug waits for his ongoing YSL RICO trial to continue on Jan. 2, a "Free Jeffery" billboard has randomly appeared in New York City's Times Square in support of the incarcerated rapper.

A "Free Jeffery" Billboard Has Appeared in Times Square

On Tuesday (Dec. 19), New York Thugga fans began to post clips online of a digital billboard that read "Free Jeffery" alongside a picture of Thug praying in his cell. The billboard also included the alleged acronym behind Thug's name "Truly Humble Under God," which his attorney first pointed out during the trial's opening statements in November.

The billboard appears to be credited to the entertainment company TSX, which has a stage in Times Square, as well as the blog STL Vs. Hip Hop.

Young Stoner Life Record's official Instagram page is who first posted the billboard, which can be seen below.

XXL has reached out to Young Thug's team for further comment.

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Judge Announces Postponement In Young Thug Trial

The billboard comes after the Young Thug YSL trial was postponed until next year as the result of a codefendant being stabbed in jail.  On Dec. 12, Judge Ural Glanville announced the trial would be suspended until after the holiday break.

"Let me go ahead and tell you where we are," Judge Glanville announced to the jury in a livestream video of the YSL Trial. "Remember yesterday we recessed because one of our participants had a medical issues and I was telling you about that? Well, unfortunately, that medical condition still exists."

He continued: "Given the length of time that we will probably address that, it might be just more prudent to recess you. An early recess. Instead of recessing you this Friday as the Court's plan was originally, I'm gonna recess you for the holidays, today."

Young Thug and six codefendants are on trial facing charges including violating Georgia's RICO Act. Prosecutors claim Young Thug's record label YSL is a front for a violent street gang.

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See the 'Free Jeffery' billboard below.

See the 'Free Jeffery' Billboard in New York City's Times Square

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