Juicy J claims Good Morning America wouldn't allow him to wear a straightjacket to promote mental health awareness.

Juicy J Says GMA Didn't Let Him Wear a Straightjacket on TV

On Tuesday (Sept. 5), immediately following Juicy J's thoughtful interview with ABC's Good Morning America about his new book, Chronicles of the Juice Man: A Memoir, the Memphis rap legend was questioned by TMZ about his attire worn during the nationally televised sit-down.

According to Juicy J, he intended to wear the same straightjacket he's been seen sporting on social media in order to promote mental health awareness. He usually wears a Hannibal Lector-inspired mask as well. However, when he arrived at the show, the GMA powers that be allegedly refused to let him on camera with clothing commonly associated with extreme mental health issues.

"Good Morning America, they didn't want me to wear the jacket," Juicy J explains in the video below. "But it's all good. Wasn't no problems, I wasn't trippin’. That's why I brought other outfits."

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Why Does Juicy J Wear a Straightjacket to Promote Mental Health Awareness?

Even though the "Stay Fly" spitter was forced to forgo his straightjacket and mask in exchange for a very fashionable fit complete with a pink hoodie and matching shades, Juicy J's message was not lost in either of the two interviews. The Three 6 Mafia frontman used his opportunities with both GMA and TMZ to articulately advocate for mental health awareness. In the process, he shed some light on the symbolism of the straightjacket.

"I'm a mental health advocate," Juicy J says. "I wear that straightjacket to let people know about mental health awareness. You don't have to do nothing crazy. Get some help, call 9-8-8, call a friend, call your mom, call somebody. Just don't hurt yourself, you know what I'm sayin’?"

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What Is Juicy J's Chronicles of the Juice Man: A Memoir All About?

As the Memphis native continues on his press run in promotion of both mental health awareness and his new book, Chronicles of the Juice Man: A Memoir, Juicy J has been speaking at length on how his autobiography can help others who have dealt with the same issues he's faced in life.

"I'm talking about mental health," Juicy J tells TMZ regarding the content of his new book. "I'm talking about just getting through life, God, family, drug abuse. All kinds of stuff.

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XXL has reached out to ABC and Good Morning America for an official statement on the matter.

In the video clip below, watch Juicy J explain how he was not allowed to wear a straightjacket to promote mental health awareness on Good Morning America. Check out J's full interview with GMA as well.

See Juicy J Claim Good Morning America Would Not Allow Him to Wear a Straightjacket to Promote Mental Health and Watch His Full Interview with GMA

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