Jacob was sitting home relaxing then Louie from the front desk called telling him that something terrible has happen to his sports car.

When someone sends D.B. info on a friend or family member, he calls them 1 in the morning and wakes them up. He says he is Louie from the front desk of The Hotel 8. The person D.B. is calling is at home. But Louie thinks they are staying in his hotel. The person getting the call pretty much loses their mind when talking to Louie. Normally D.B. will keep it going till they start yelling.

The D.B. Nyce Show will be doing The 1 O'Clock Wake Up Call ever Wednesday at 3:20 and 5:20. If you know someone who needs a 1 O'Clock Wake Up Call, text "Wake Up" to 806-398-0096. Give D.B. their name and phone number. If hear your phone ring 1 in the morning, it could be Louie calling for you.

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