(See footage of the landing both in and outside of the airplane at the bottom of page.)

We had some unexpected visitors today at Rick Husband International Airport.  A flight from New York to Las Vegas had to take a detour to Amarillo because the pilot was kind of freaking out.  Reassuring, isn't it?  Makes me wanna hop on a flight right now and just fly for hour and hours, maybe China, that seems like it would be a pretty long flight.

According to Jet Blue's Blog, flight 191 had to make a landing around 10am because of a "medical situation involving the Captain", and that's all they say.  What's peeked my interest is what KTNV is saying about it.

KTNV Reports

A government source that spoke to ABC News said that  the captain of JetBlue Flight 191 was behaving erratically in the cockpit.

The co-pilot got the pilot out of the cockpit and then locked the door. The captain began pounding the door, wanting to re-enter the cockpit.

The captain was subdued by an off-duty New York City cop and an off-duty JetBlue pilot.

The pilot is now custody of the FBI.



And for some reason I believe them! Again, very reassuring, isn't it?  The story is pretty freaking different then that of what Jet Blue reports.

Anyways, I guess there's a happy ending to the story.  The Captain will get his medication, and Jet Blue has sent another airplane and crew members to Rick Husband INT to pick up the passengers and get them to Vegas baby!

Check out Jet Blue's Blog on it here.

See KTNV's story here.


See footage of the landing both in and outside of the airplane below.


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