Jet Blue pilot Clayton "Crazy" Osbon had a federal court hearing today for charges that he "interfered with a flight crew".  Of course this all stems from his colossal breakdown he had on flight 191 that had to make an emergency landing here in Amarillo.

Charges for the crime could equal up to 20 years in prison!  Yeah child molesters get 10 years probation, but a pilot freaks out on a flight and faces 20 years in prison!  Don't you love justice?


Amarillo Globe News reports:

U.S. Magistrate Judge Clinton E. Averitte ordered Osbon, 49, of Richmond Hill, Ga., to stay in federal custody until a detention hearing Thursday morning, when Averitte will determine his bond. Osbon will remain at the Randall County jail.

I hear Randall County has a nickname around here, that's "the Hilton", because it's such a nice jail, it's like staying at a Hilton hotel.  I'm sure they'll be very nice to him there, he'll fit right in.

Anyways that's the scoop for now, if you missed the whole story about the emergency landing, click here to check it out and watch the videos.

Get the full story on this blog here at Amarillo Globe News.

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