Fitness and bodybuilding icon and mentor to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Joe Weider, has died, according to reports. 

The man who built a fitness empire and was dubbed “the godfather of fitness,” passed away at his Los Angeles home on Saturday of heart failure. He was 93.

Weider’s empire included the widely-read fitness magazines Shape, Flex, Men’s Fitness, as well as Muscles and Fitness. Weider was also known as being a young Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mentor. Weider was instrumental in helping Schwarzenegger move from Austria to the United States and land his first film role.

Schwarzenegger said Weider invited him “to move to America to pursue my bodybuilding career.”

"I will never forget his generosity,” noted Schwarzenegger, who Weider discovered at a European body building event.

Weider, who was born in Montreal, contributed much to the world of fitness and bodybuilding over the past several decades. In addition to publishing the nation’s most popular magazines on the subject and working as an authority in the fitness world, he also created the Mr. Olympia event. Not bad for a guy who started working out as a kid to fight off bullies in the ghetto.

Joe Weider, we’re doing an extra set of curls in your honor today.

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