Independence day is right around the corner, as always, seems to come out of nowhere.  It's like I blinked and woke up in 2014 making plans for the 4th of July.  What could possibly be on your agenda in Amarillo, TX and the Texas Panhandle?

"Kickin' It At Kimbrough" - Canyon, TX Fireworks Display & Restless Heart Concert @ Kimbrough Stadium

The Canyon Chamber of Commerce is hosting a full day of fun for the 4th of July 2014!  Let that country in ya come out!  Starting with a pancake breakfast, wrapping up with live music from Restless Heart!  Check out this line-up of activities!

Lions Club Pancake Breakfast
7AM-10:30 AM
Cole Community Center
Fair on the Square
Canyon’s Downtown Square
Independence Day Parade
10 :00 AM on 4th Avenue
Patriotic Music Celebration
1:30 PM at First Baptist Church
Kickin’ It Up at Kimbrough
5PM-11PM with performances from Noah Jenda & Restless Heart at Kimbrough Memorial Stadium.
Wells Fargo Fireworks Show at 10pm (dark) also at Kimbrough Memorial Stadium.

Canyon, TX will be the official hangout spot for us here at 96.9 KISSFM!

John Stiff Memorial Park

Laser show?  Awwww hell no!  Check out the fire works display at John Stiff Memorial ParkAmarillo Parks & Rec says bring your lawn chairs and blankets out to check out the show.  Concerts at 6pm, explosions when the sun goes down.

Get more details about the fireworks display at John Stiff Park by clicking here.


Road Trip To The Lake

One of the best places to have an Independence Day celebration is at a lake.  You have a few choices, like Lake Greenbelt, or maybe a trip to Ute Lake in New Mexico.  I favor Ute Lake, probably because it's the first lake I've seen where the water is deep blue, clean, and a prime spot to swim, fish and have a 4th of July party.  Plus, even though it's in New Mexico, the drive compares to any of the close lakes here in Texas.  On top of that, New Mexico actually hosts a fireworks display at Ute Lake, which I have seen, and it is AMAZING!

Find Ute Lake on Google Maps by clicking here.

Backyard BBQ

ThinkStock - Brandon Bourdages
ThinkStock - Brandon Bourdages

Again, we are only under a partial fireworks ban this year, so you can host your own 4th of July party with fireworks, food and some drinks in your own backyard!  That is if your outside the city limits!  They will not be tolerating the popping of fireworks within the city limits!  But hey, we all have friends that live out between Amarillo and Canyon who have an acre or two of land.  Those are the friends you want to suck up to this year!  Fireworks out in the country make for a great combination!  You can be loud, have fun, and light up the fireworks with the kids as you celebrate your nation.


Amarillo Sox 4th Of July Game

TSM Amarillo
TSM Amarillo

The countdown is on to the 4th of July game between the Amarillo Sox and Laredo!  As is tradition, look for a mild, yet entertaining fireworks display to take place at the end of the game.  Win or lose, it's all about celebrating the nation's Independence Day!  And a baseball game is as American as it gets!  This would be a great place for the entire family!  Take the kiddos out for some great baseball, peanuts and cracker jacks, and of course, fireworks!

So there's just a few ideas of things you can do, or places you could go for your 4th of July celebration.  Whatever you end up doing, be safe!  Have designated drivers, and remember not to go overboard.  When you mix whiskey and fireworks, somebody can lose a finger, so do be careful!

For more details about the partial fireworks ban and how it applies to you, click here!

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