HEY KID! GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY DAUGHTER is what I would say if I was Selena Gomez's father and I saw Justin Bieber lightly patting her butt while swapping saliva with her. To which I'm sure he would reply "do you know who I am?"  I of course would fake it like I'm not in my 30's and still keeping up with Disney and be like "no and I don't care!"  It would be an up hill fight I couldn't win so I would eventually get tired and just move on with my blog.  So here we go.  They spent another night in Hawaii last night and it was too much for Bieber to take his natural instinct kicked in and he put his hands all over Selena.  Luckily, there was paparazzi around with cameras to catch this epic moment in your life and for that I thank them.

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