Former couple Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were spotted sharing a meal yesterday (October 29), and a source says Bieber and his ex are renewing a friendship in light of Gomez's battle with lupus, which amounted to a kidney transplant this summer.

Us Weekly reported that the two pop stars got breakfast together to see out the weekend, and the meeting is just one of a handful of get-togethers they've planned in recent weeks.

“Justin and Selena came in by themselves around 9:30 this morning. They grabbed breakfast, blueberry smoothies with whipped cream, and were just talking — none of the staff really recognized them. Justin paid for both of them, they looked to be in a good mood, they just sat at a table and chatted for a while, no hand holding or anything, the conversation seemed lighthearted,” the source said. “They sat at a table inside where they had a little more privacy. They stayed for about 25 minutes before leaving together.”

The source added that they've reconciled in light of Gomez's operation, and have grown tremendously.

"They got back in touch recently through their friends and have seen each other at church," the source said. "They realized it was time to grow past their history and move on...They're grown up a lot in the past couple of years and are mature about the situation."

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