Justin Bieber closed the Kids’ Choice Awards on Saturday night (March 31), by making a surprise appearance at the end of the ceremony. It was “beliebed” he would not be on site since he was working on his new album ‘Believe,’ but he showed up to accept his award for Favorite Male Singer and got slimed for his efforts.

It was an entertaining way to end the show, with a bucket of green slime falling on The Biebs, soaking his famous hair to the scalp. That had to be a royal pain to wash out of those famous locks!

Actually, it really was, according to Bieber, who tweeted that the slime didn’t come out easily and he had to shave his head as a result. He issued the tweet yesterday (April 1), leaving us to wonder if it was a cruel April Fools Day prank. We want photographic evidence, Bieber. You tweet images and share photos all the time, so the fact that you say you shaved your lush locks without sharing a photo makes us suspicious.

The Biebs did reveal another teaser from the ‘Boyfriend’ video, complete with an image of Regan from ‘The Exorcist’ and of himself with a bald head from way back when on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!.’ So that was another hint that he may have shaved his coif.

We’re not buying it ’til we see a photo of a shaved headed Bieber. Plus, the green slime that Nickelodeon has been using for eons isn’t toxic. We didn’t hear any word about actress Halle Berry, who was also slimed, shaving her head as a result!

Below is his first tweet about the alleged head-shaving incident:

And here is his second, where he chalks it up to being hair that’ll grow back.

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