I love when our listeners want our advice or help with stuff that affects our community. A listener messaged me with a very good point.

Here is his message:

It is not fair that students get A's and B's all year and go and take a state standard test such as (staar) or (taks) and fail and get held back. if we can come together as a community (students and parents) and get people to sign this petition we can try and do away with state standard tests. If we can do this than hopefully people from other states would sign too but we (the people) must stand up and be heard and that is what I am trying to do . So please help me out and post this link to your facebook wall, twitter, or even email it. this would help out a bunch.
Matthew *if you could mention this on the radio that would help out a lot*


Thanks Matthew for your concern and maybe other listeners can help out. If you would like to sign his petition click here ----->http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/if-you-are-against-standard-testing-sign-here/

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