Lady Gaga is the unquestionable queen of Twitter, with a whopping 29 million followers, which is more than anyone else who uses the social media messaging service. Perhaps she was wise to start her site and foster an intimate and authentic community, since new reports have emerged, indicating that 71 percent of those 29 million Twitter followers are fake!

Whoa, WTF? Before haters and critics start throwing “A-has!” at Gaga, let’s first qualify what fake means and how this “categorization” was arrived at.

The reports that Status People, a social media company, has created three categories for Twitter followers: fake, inactive and good. Fake is not as much of a qualitative statement as it might seem. According to Rob Weller of Status People, “A fake account is set up to follow people or send out spam. They normally have no followers, but follow large numbers of people.” So they are not genuine users of the service.

An inactive account is one that has shown no activity for a while. It could be a real person or a consumer of information, rather than a sharer. A good account represents everything else.

Status People has alleged that more three quarters of Mama Monster’s followers are inactive or are accounts that have been created by bots, which are spamming computers and essentially not legit fans hanging on her every tweet. The company analyzed her most recent 100,000 followers, and ascertained that only a mere 29 percent of those were considered “good.”

It’s also worth noting that Twitter followers can be purchased in order to “show” a boost in popularity, much like was done back in MySpace’s heyday. There is no concrete evidence that Gaga bought any of her followers.

It was reported that Gaga made $30 million via her Twitter status. So she’s gotta be doing something right.

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