Today is your final day for voter registration!  I've seen so many slogans about voting.  "Vote Of Die", "Let Your Voice Be Heard".  I've got a pretty simple one, "Vote Or Shut Up!"  Yeah, that's right I said it.  If you don't vote, you don't need to be complaining.

If you live in Potter County, to register, you need to make your way downtown to the Santa Fe building, you'll find it on the 4th floor.

If you live in Randall County, there's 2 choices for registration, the Randall County Annex building on Georgia, or in Canyon at the Randall County Finance Building.

All voter registration places are open until 5pm today.

You may not be sure which of the 2 counties you live in, don't be embarrassed it can get confusing!  Uncle Dallas is here to help!

There is a curving street that makes the separation of the 2 counties.  South West Amarillo is SW 28th, and South East is SE 29th.  Basically, anything North of SW 28th is Potter, and South of it is Randall.  The street curves so it's not a straight line, and living on or right off SW 28th or SE 29th, you could be confused as to which county you're in.  No worries!  Call 806-379-2799 and they will clarify which county you live in so you make it to the right place.

And lastly, you may not remember if you've already registered.  Again, not a problem!  Hit the button below.