Hillary Clinton made history last night (July 28) when she became the first woman to ever be nominated for president of the United States on behalf of the Democratic Party. And while this moment in American history was documented by nearly every major news outlet in the country, Hillary Clinton's script writer slipped in a subtle nod only hip-hop heads could really appreciate.

"After all, when there are no ceilings, the sky's the limit," said the 68-year-old politician during her acceptance speech at the convention. Now, Clinton may have been talking about proverbial glass ceilings that have prevented a woman from ever being the Democratic nominee before, but rap fans have chosen to look at it a different way. Wayne diehards will tell you this quote references not one but two of arguably the Young Money rapper's most important projects: his 2009 mixtape called No Ceilings and the song "Sky Is The Limit" off his 2007 tape Da Drought 3.

TMZ caught up with Lil Wayne as he was leaving a club early Friday morning to get his take on Clinton using his lyrics in her acceptance speech. Though the NOLA vet admits he didn't watch the speech and has never been acquainted with Clinton — "I haven't met her a day in my life" — when one of the paparazzi gives Weezy the quote Hillary used in her speech, he automatically becomes ecstatic. The soundbite is pretty hilarious.

"I fucks with Hillary!" Weezy proclaimed.

Tunechi is definitely not the only member of the rap world to give Hillary a ringing endorsement. Earlier this week, Pusha T got on Hillary's team and vowed to help voter registration for the upcoming election. Rappers like Kanye West, 50 Cent and Pharrell have also backed Hillary Clinton.

Check out a vine of Hillary quoting Wayne below.

Rappers Who've Endorsed Hillary Clinton

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