Teaching is a rewarding job. You get to shape so many futures. Yes, we hear a lot that the pay is not the greatest. People who teach do it more than just to make money. They want to make a difference.

Have you ever wanted to teach and think that you missed your opportunity? Maybe you are in a job that you just don't like. Maybe you are between jobs and want and need to make some extra money.

Now is the time to see if teaching is the right field for you. You can start off by becoming a substitute teacher. Good news is that in Canyon they have just raised the pay by $30 per day to be a substitute teacher.

If you have a degree you can go from making $75 per day to now making $105 per day. Don't have a degree? Don't worry. You can make $100 a day and even more importantly decide if teaching is the new career move for you. You may decide to then go back to school to get your degree to become a full time teacher. How rewarding could this opportunity be?

Oh and did I mention if you were already a Canyon Independent School District certified retired teacher you can make $115 per day. What a way to supplement your income just a bit.

Oh and everyone gets an extra $10 a day if you end up teaching on a Friday. That is a score in my book. So if you are looking to make a little extra money you can do that by giving good ol' CISD a try.

Click HERE and look for substitute teacher position to apply.

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