After a video of a controversial arrest was arrested, the city of Lubbock is demanding an investigation be made.  Warning, the video is very graphic.

An investigation has been demanded after video surfaced of a July arrest.  Excessive force was used when bringing the suspect into custody.  The Lubbock Police department issued a statement about the incident:

"On Wednesday, July 29, 2015, Corporal Ryan Durrett was attempting to arrest Mr. Jose Escarcega for being in possession of a stolen vehicle.  Mr. Escarcega evaded Corporal Durrett on foot and then attempted to steal his police vehicle.  Mr. Escarcega intentionally assaulted Corporal Durrett by ramming the police vehicle into a utility pole and traffic signal pole.  Corporal Durrett sustained serious injuries including a career threatening injury.

The actions of the officers responding to assist Corporal Durrett in taking Mr. Escarcega into custody has been under review.  Chief Brewer has ordered a formal Internal Affairs Investigation into the actions and tactics used by those responding officers.  As a matter of policy, The Lubbock Police Department does not tolerate the use of excessive force.

The Internal Affairs Investigators will gather the facts and present the findings to Chief Brewer.

No other information will be released until the investigation is complete."

On August 14th, Lubbock City Councilman, Victor Hernandez posted on his Facebook page and demanded an investigation be done.  Since then, video has surfaced and people are outraged for many different reasons.

The video shows police responding to the scene at speeds over 100 mph without using their lights and sirens.  According to the 2012 version of the Lubbock Police Department Procedures Manual, "Officers will always respond Code Three, using emergency lights and sirens, when making an emergency call response."

Once arriving to the scene, police arrive to Jose Carlos Escarcega-Ysaias sitting on the ground next to Cpl. Durrett.  The arriving officers are then shown kicking and beating Escarcega with a baton.  One officer can also be heard calling another officer 'taser happy.'

Escarcega is said to have obtained face and head injuries during the arrest but was not charged with resisting.  Cpl. Durrett sustained serious injuries and is recovering at home.

A full investigation into both the responding officers actions and Councilman Hernandez's Facebook statement.

The video is below and is very graphic so watch at your own discretion. The high speeds begin immediately and the officers arrive at the scene at the 2:51 mark.


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