This is the time of year we have been waiting for. Everything deep fried and on a stick.

Of course I am talking about the Tri-State Fair being in town. From now through Saturday I sense many will be taking a lunch break and heading out to the Fairgrounds. Gate admission is free during lunch time. So I hear there will be a lot of people taking orders for their coworkers and bringing back food.

It's a great time. Grabbing your friends and coworkers to get a great lunch. I mean there are so many great foods. Do you just love the turkey legs? How about cheese on a stick? Or those curly potatoes? Everything is so darn good.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

This is what I usually take to-go. Cheese on a stick, stuffed sopapilla and fried pickles. Yummy.

I have a couple go-to's every year. I have studied the menus for many years and I can't go a year without getting a stuffed sopapilla it comes with the best hot sauce. I also have to get me my Indian Fry Bread. I am always told there is enough food there to share with someone else. Oh, and there probably is but the fair is only here once a year. I am not missing out on any of the food.

Which desserts do you go for? I seem to always get some kind of cheesecake on a stick. If I head out on a non-windy day (those happen don't they?) then I get a funnel cake. Those are heaven on a plate. Again it has to be on a non-windy day or you may end up wearing all that powdered sugar.

Which are your favorite fair foods? Comment below.

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