The biggest show on Netflix right now is definitely "Making a Murderer." Did you know that something similar happened in Amarillo?

The TV series Making a Murderer is a real-life thriller about Steven Avery, who was charged with a crime he claimed he didn't commit. His lawyers argued that evidence was planted against Avery, exposing corruption in local law.

I was so in love with this show that I started doing some investigating myself to see if there were any similar stories like Steve Avery's here in Amarillo.

After watching a lot of YouTube videos, I found one that happened here in the late 80's and late 90's. The documentary is called "The Last Word".

A 17-year-old mentally challenged young man was arrested, convicted and ultimately executed for the Halloween night rape, mutilation and murder of Sister Tadea Benz, a 76-year-old nun from the St. Francis Convent in Amarillo, Texas. Does anyone remember this happening?

Even though the young man claimed to be innocent from the beginning, the state did everything they could to prove he was guilty, similar to the Steven Avery case.

And you won't believe some of the evidence they had!

Check out the video...

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