Man’s best friend is still man’s best, even after a decade apart.

A New Hampshire man named Jamie Carpentier recently got his dog, Ginger, back, 10 years after he had to give up the pooch.

Carpentier had lost Ginger to his ex-wife in their divorce, but she ended up giving the animal away herself some time after that. The owner who took in Ginger got too old to take care of her, so Ginger wound up at the Humane Society, right around the same time Carpentier was cruising the Internet looking at pups. Amazingly, he came across Ginger and soon went to the society where he reunited with her and picked her back up.

Carpentier said the years did nothing to diminish Ginger’s memory:

She seemed like she knew it was me. It was me and my father who were there, and she just ... she just recognized us."

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