A man driving a stolen "Miller" van takes cops on a high-speed chase late this morning.


Police said the driver of the Miller van was on a stop making a delivery at the 2600 block of Paramount and had left the keys in the van. The accused man who stole the Miller van was involved in a hit-and-run accident around the 3100 Mockingbird lane area. The "Beer Run" then continued onto Paramount & Olsen Boulevard where APD spotted the stolen Miller van.

The police chase led West onto I-40 and was called off after it the stolen van left Amarillo city limits. The chase was then picked up by Potter County Sheriff's Office and minutes later pulled the Miller van over on I-40 at mile marker 42.

The man was arrested and booked into Potter County. They have not released his name yet but for now we will call him the "Beer Run" robber.  This guy was not lying when he said it was Miller Time!

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