I thought you might like this, but our very own APD made it to the BIG screen! Well, ok maybe just on a episode of cops.

Officers Lane and APD's BIGGEST Bronco fan Officer Lopez pull over a car driving that seems to have just been in a accident. The woman driving the car was very emotional and claimed that she hit a pole.

Officers load her in the car, and go looking for the pole she "hit". They can't find it and begin to question her but she ends up admitting to hitting another car. Officers talk to the other vehicle owner who reported their car being in a hit and run and the emotional lady gets hauled off to jail. I love how Officer Lane asks "Did You Hit A Plane?"... That's classic! Next time when you see these 2 tag team partners Officers Lane and Lopez, you get their autograph but make sure it's not on a ticket...Haha!

By the way Officer Lopez keep rocking that MUSTACHE and hope to see you at the next Battle Of The Badges!


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