It's something we ALL look forward to right? A long three-day weekend where we can gather with friends and family around the grill with some beverages.

Unfortunately, it can also lead to a whole host of bad things happening.

This Memorial Day weekend though found Amarillo on pretty darn good behavior!

I typically look forward to seeing how wild and crazy the city gets on these holiday weekends, but I gotta tell ya, I was both bummed and impressed at the same time as to how relatively quiet it was on the police blotter this past weekend.

Amarillo Police released their arrest and reports totals from the long weekend, and while there were 259 reports made, only 32 total arrests were made. Some of those 32 arrests (from what I can tell) weren't even truly related to holiday weekend shenanigans.

Taking a look over the arrest report, here's what I THINK we can attribute to the festivities of the long weekend.

There were seven arrests for DUI. Really not a terrible number when you consider how many people are consuming alcohol then heading home on a holiday weekend.

Three arrests that were made were for minors in possession of alcohol. This one isn't surprising at all as people have a tendency to get a little lax about that and more people under 21 have a tendency to get together. There was one arrest made for furnishing alcohol to a minor. I have to wonder if these four arrests go hand in hand.

Staying on the impaired front, there were three arrests for public intoxication and one for possession of drug paraphernalia.

All in all, 14 of the 32 arrests made you can more than likely contribute to the holiday weekend. The other arrests look like your "everyday" kind of arrests, things such as warrants, reckless driving, and racing. I swear I heard the racing from my house one night last weekend. I kept looking outside to see how close they were.

Way to go Amarillo! This is how we have a relatively civilized long weekend.

Amarillo Murders in 2021

With an official tally of 27 murders, the year 2021 saw the highest number of homicides in Amarillo since 1994.

Below is a closer look at the year's criminal acts that resulted in life lost.

**Note from the Editor: The following is not an exhaustive list. We have compiled what you see below from news reports, official police statements, along with where the case stands in the court system. If you see any errors in reporting or fact, please email the editor directly at along with any supporting documents.

We wish to stress that all individuals charged are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

***Not pictured: Edward Matthew Gamez

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