A lengthy piece in the upcoming issue of GQ highlights Michael Vick’s mindset past and present and the aftermath of the dogfighting scandal that sent him to prison for two years. How’d he handle the sentencing and subsequent backlash?

“For a while, it was all ‘Scold Mike Vick, scold Mike Vick, just talk bad about him, like he’s not a person,’” he said. “It’s almost as if everyone wanted to hate me. But what have I done to anybody? It was something that happened, and it was people trying to make some money.”

Eventually, Vick was able to to win back the hearts of at least some NFL fans with his wonderful play on the field for the Philadelphia Eagles. Yet, despite having served his time, not everyone is as ready to forgive and forget the quarterback’s past extra-curricular activities.

While the article makes it seem that Vick wound up choosing a backup role in Philadelphia at the behest of the NFL — reportedly turning down starting offers from at least two other teams — Vick has since clarified that the decision was ultimately all his to make. However he got to Philly, he seems to have relished in his role there.


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