Miley Cyrus was trying to enjoy Oscar night on Sunday, Feb. 26. However, her fun was marred when she was the target of some nasty tweets from someone and she addressed them directly. Miley isn’t afraid to stand up to the haters and smack talkers.

Apparently, Cyrus received a death threat from the keyboard ninja hiding behind a derogatory twitter name. But she will not stand for it. She even called out Twitter as a whole, asking for heightened security measures in light of the tweets involving nastiness.

You can follow some of the drama on Cyrus’ active Twitter feed, but two key tweets are as follows.

First is Cyrus’ tweet shining light on the matter:

“I wont tolerate someone telling me 2 die. I think Twitter needs to take some responsibility and make it a safe environment!”

Then, Cyrus’ fans came to her rescue, asking fans and followers to block and report @thecyrusslut. Miley Cyrus fans are nothing if not a loyal bunch!  The @cyrusslut handle is actually being held by a fan so that the haters can’t have it. The actual negative tweeters are @WeHateMiley and they were apparently angry that “Smilers” stole that handle.

“Everyone go BLOCK & REPORT @thecyrusslut! Do it for Miley!” said @MileyCyrusBz.

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