The on going custody and court order violations of Mindy McCready continue.  Her ex, and father to the child in question, is now getting pretty vocal about it.  Saying while the child is doing "okay", he is growing more and more concerned about the boy being in Mindy's care.  Billy McKnight is no angel and he knows that, in fact he seemed to be supporting his ex this morning on the Today show, just seems to lack confidence in her mother skills.  Not that I blame him.

The FBI is releasing photos of the child hoping it will lead to somebody spotting him or Mindy and come forward with details.  Because they really don't know where they are at this time and they are looking for any lead that may point them in the right direction.  Eonline reports on the Nashville star, as the custody order came and went like a thief in the night.  (Eonline)

Last night was the deadline for a judge's return to custody order, which required that McCready return her 5-year-old son, Zander, to the Florida home of her mother, who was given custody of the child. Unsurprisingly, the deadline came and went without any action taken by the Nashville-based country singer, though no arrest warrants have so far been issued.

Currently, Mindy is in her second trimester with twins and claims to be unable to fly or do any traveling at all for that matter.  This morning on the Today show Billy gave us his observations saying "She sounded OK, she sounded upset with the situation, my son sounded really well."

When he was asked if he thinks all the drama surrounding the child is having an effect on the 5 year old, McKnight replied, "I don't know about that. I know that he sounded OK, I think he misses me. I haven't seen him in a couple weeks now. He sounded healthy and OK, he wasn't crying or scared."

Mindy just doesn't seem to get it, I think she honestly doesn't realize the chaos that is about to take place, all a result of her actions. (Eonline)

"I don't think so, I think she believes that she has a case and doesn't realize that she's pushing her luck on this one.

"I can only be accountable for the fact that we have gone through this in the past and there's people out there who can help you and if you take that help, you can get back on track, and I've been through it," he said, referencing his own troubles and artfully dodging the question when asked if he thought Mindy was a fit mother.

"I got it back on track and my life is in order, she has that same opportunity, and instead of taking it, she chooses to abut it, and I wish she would do what's right, especially for our son."

When pushed, McKnight acknowledged, "No," McCready was not a fit mother. At least, not until "she completes the case plan."

I'm not a parent, but I am an uncle which totally qualifies me to blog on this.  And if he thinks that this whole ordeal actually isn't going to have an effect on his son, oh man he is sorely mistaken!  Of course it's going to impact the kids life!  20 years from now he'll still be getting picked on for this senseless case gone public.  She's basically stealing the child and using her twins as an excuse to get away with it and turn on public sympathy.  She's using her kids as weapons!  Bad parent!  Bad!

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