One of the hottest new trends in grocery shopping is doing it online. Whether from an app or right from your browser, you just point, click, buy, and get your products curbside at the store.

Locally, we have a few stores that are participating in such programs:

  • United Supermarket @ 3552 S. Soncy Rd.
  • Walmart @ 3700 E Interstate 40
  • Walmart @ 4215 Canyon Dr.
  • Walmart @ 4610 S Coulter St.
  • Walmart Market @ 7251 Arden Rd
Credit: Walmart
Credit: Walmart

I tried it out for the first time just the other night using the Walmart on Canyon Drive. Let me tell you... it was awesome! I did my shopping the night before on Walmart's Grocery website. I chose the items I wanted, either by searching for them or looking in categories. I added the items to my "cart," then when I had chosen what I needed, just clicked to check out. If you don't have a free Walmart account, you will have to set one up since you are going to pay online. This will also help in locating the store closest to you.

It will ask you to choose a pickup window, I chose 6-7pm since I was looking to pickup after work. Not all hours are available throughout the day, so know that you might have to adjust a little around what the store can accommodate (although the store on Canyon had slots all day). The next step was for substitutions. Since you are picking up the next day and they are grabbing items for you off the shelf just like a customer, there is a  chance that the specific item you are asking for might not be available. You have the option to let the store automatically substitute a similar brand or product, or chose to get a refund at pickup if said item is out of stock. For me, I had a container of cream cheese spread that was substituted, however I did not want my banana pudding substituted, so I got a refund for it being out of stock. After you checkout and pay, there will be a confirmation email sent to you.

Fast forward to 6:45pm the next day. As I left the radio station, I loaded up the Walmart Grocery app and "checked in." This lets the store know I am on my way, and using GPS, it could also let them know what my expected arrival time would be. I drove to the store, looked for the orange covered parking spaces to the right of the store, and parked. Since the app was tracking me, the store had already sent an associate out to start shopping for me (if you don't want to use the app, there is a phone number you can call to check in). I waited about 10 minutes, and was greeted at my car by a Walmart associate with a cart full of my items. She let me know about the substitution and the refund on my pudding. She helped me load up, and I was on my way! Talk about easy!

Both Walmart and United offer curbside service for free and allow you to shop on a computer or through their grocery apps. To take it a step further, United will deliver within city limits to your location for $9.99. I believe Walmart is also looking into delivery as well.

Next time you don't feel like fighting the crowds, waiting in lines, or having to tell the kids no 25 times, try this!

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