Thanksgiving has really become a weird holiday. On a day when we're supposed to be sitting around with family and friends "giving thanks," a big chunk of the population is lined up waiting to blow their hard earned cash. This year, Thanksgiving looks like it will go back to being the holiday we all grew up with.

Walmart made big headlines when they announced they would actually be closed for Thanksgiving Day. This week, two more national retail chains announced they would be closed for Thanksgiving.

Target and Dick's Sporting Goods will not be open on Thanksgiving with early Black Friday deals. The press releases all basically say that this year it's important to spend time with family, and that this isn't the year for big crowds.

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I remember being a kid in a small rural town when nothing was open on Thanksgiving Day. That included most gas stations. You had no choice but to spend time with your family.

There was no where else to go.

In recent years, it seems like the early Black Friday shopping has just gotten more and more insane each year. It was at the point  that a lot of people would just have a quick meal, or hit the buffet, and go stand in line to get in to a store.

With everything we have seen and endured in 2020, I don't know that I ever expected that Thanksgiving would go back to being a day you actually spend at home with family. I honestly expected big retailers to just "require" masks and social distancing.

Looks like there's no skipping those awkward family moments this year.

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