Raise your hand if you're just basically dragging along. Everyone was too lazy to raise their hands. No surprise there. Experts say that for at least the next month or so we are going to struggle to keep it together. If you're not struggling today, you are a superhuman and I want in on whatever your drinking.

Although we were given an extra hour of sunlight most of us are looking at the clock thinking the time doesn't match. Our internal clocks are way off and there is a very high chance we are very tired. This Monday will feel very chaotic, just keep your eye on the prize. sleep.

Make sure you're alert today, especially on the road. There is always a spike in motor vehicle accidents after a time change, because we just can't seem to keep it together. Not only is our concept of time completely thrown off, but even our driving skills also go out the door.

There are some things that you and I can try instead of showing up to work tired, looking like a raccoon with dark circles under your eyes. Although raccoons are cute, it's not our boss's favorite look.

5 Ways to Cope With Daylight Saving Time Change

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