We're just getting closer and closer to becoming robots.

A new survey by the website CompareMyMobile reveals that 54% of people would rather have a new Samsung Galaxy S7 than a new girlfriend or boyfriend. As in, these people would rather have the company of an electronic device than another human being.


Another 65% of people would choose the Galaxy 7 over a new puppy. I think I would choose it over, say, a chihuahua, but not a golden doodle. No way.

73% of people would rather have an S7 than a free Netflix account for life and 24% of people would be happier getting a new S7 than a new car.

Now I've never used a Galaxy before (I'm an iPhone guy).  Are they really THAT cool? Maybe I should check 'em out.

You can pre-order the Galaxy S7 or wait in line for five hours to buy it on March 11th.

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