I kept noticing that Facebook kept trying to download the Messenger app.  I didn't want to download it, I have too many apps on my phone and I didn't need another Facebook app, I mean I have 2 already.  So each time that goofy little squirrel, gopher, rodent kept popping up every time I sent a message I kept ignoring it.  Well now it seems everybody is up in arms about this app and here's why.  It has the option to invade your privacy at any point and time, and the kicker, you agree to it.

We are no longer in a world where we can just pass on the terms of agreement and ignore them.

Here's some points to consider about this app:

It gives them permission to make phone calls without your knowledge.  Which could lead to unexpected charges.

It gives them permission to send SMS texts without your knowledge.  This could lead to unexpected charges.

It can change your network connectivity.

It can use the microphone to record audio, at any time, any where and without your knowledge.

It can use the camera to take pictures and videos, at any time, any where and without your knowledge.

The app can read your personal profile information, which includes your name, contact information and it could send your profile information to others.

It will have access to your contact lists which means it can read the data such as who you have called, emailed and text and how often.

I will have the permission to read your call logs, and that includes information about incoming and outgoing calls and the data can be saved and shared without your knowledge.

It  can get a list of accounts that are already know to your phone. This could include any accounts created by other apps you have installed.

It can access the phone features of your device, which it can determine the phone number and id of your device no matter whether the call is active and the remote number connected by the call

All apps seem to be invasive but this seems to be more invasive than others.  This particular app has had over 1 million downloads.  Not sure how many were uninstalled over the weekend.

I know for me personally it freaks me out.  I don't want anyone to be able to use the microphone to listen or record conversations and what not.  That means they are in my home or in my office.  I don't want to have an app that can use my camera.  I don't know if you are like me but I like to listen to my music while I'm getting ready or taking a bath.  If they have access to the camera feature then they have access to my bathroom privacy.

Heck, the way it is now, someone may already have that access and we don't know it, but as of right now I don't want to give anyone that permission. Especially to Facebook.

It is a pain when you see all these messages coming in and you cannot respond unless you bust open the laptop, but life goes on.

So now that we know what these terms of service are, I guess we should look at the other side?  Are some of these myths?  See for yourself here.

I'm always the one to play on the better safe than sorry side, so I chose not to download.  However, who knows what apps I've downloaded that I mindlessly agreed to just to download.

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