If you are putting on weight, it MIGHT not be your fault.

A new study says it's harder than ever to lose weight.

Why? One word. Technology.

Things like Netflix and Hulu keep us on the couch way too long. Which means we are moving way less than we should be.

Uber and Lyft make it easier to get around without car. So instead of just walking to that store around the corner, we have a stranger pick us up.

But what if you don't want to leave the house for food?

Oh don't worry, your favorite place to eat has an app and they will make sure that your favorite pasta dish gets to you sometime this hour.

Heck who needs stores. Just order what you need through a website like Amazon and you will get it in a few days.

So what's the answer? Smash your phone and computer with a hammer. Than go for a walk to your friends house. Than ask to use their computer so you can have a new phone and computer shipped to your house because you realized you messed up.

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