If you spend time on Facebook like I do you may have heard the talk about this new VFW Restaurant. When I first read I had no idea what or where this even was. So I did some searching. Oh and it seems really pretty cool.

It's not fancy. It's not supposed to be. It has a pretty basic menu but it looks good:

VFW Post 1475
VFW Post 1475

This is the Amarillo VFW Post 1475 that has opened up a restaurant to help with their overhead of their location. They are opened to the public everyday but Tuesdays from 4pm - 10pm. If you are wondering about their location they can be found at 1401 SW 8th.


So as I kept looking about this I read how their chef makes almost everything fresh daily. They have been a well kept secret. The secret is out now. They even got so busy last week that they had to shut down early because they were not ready. That is great news to hear.

I am sure people were disappointed but this really is good news for Amarillo. This is a business that is trying to help out it's veterans. It was great to see them addressing it on Facebook:

Today was a very busy day for the VFW restaurant. We were obviously not ready for the amount of customers. However customers who waited for there food were very satisfied. We are closing down the kitchen for tonight. We are going to increase our employees and our prep for food times will improve. Thank you for those who came and were patient. We are so grateful for support! We look forward to continuing to serve our local veterans with help from patrons like you.

This right here is why we need to continue to support them. Let's keep them busy.

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