Tis the time for a new music poll on 96.9 KISS-FM!  We're breaking out the new track from Wiz Khalifa, and we've also got the new one from Outasight!

If you liked the song Tonight Is The Night from Outasight, than your going to love this new jam, Now Or Never!  A great blend of hard hitting beats with amazing vocals makes up the newest single from the American rapper.  It's made it's way from MTV's Buzz-worthy category, to a full on release that is already making waves in the national music charts!  After listening to it 1 time, I was instantly hooked!  And I may be crazy, but doesn't he sound like Travie McCoy from the Gym Class Heroes?



I can honestly say that Wiz Khalifa hasn't released a song yet that I don't like!  He's just got that magical touch to his music!  From Black & Yellow to Young, Wild & Free, I've like all his tracks.  So it wasn't a shock when I heard Work Hard, Play Hard, and instantly got my eardrums tickled!  The beat is not too fast and not too slow, it's just right!  Perfect song to roll around with the windows down in Summer time!  I love this new track and I can't hear it enough!


Keep it KISS to hear all the new tracks on the radio!  And if you have a quick second, give us your opinion in the polls above!


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