The University Interscholastic League have had changes to the classification of schools every so often when they add more kids. Which they had to added the 6A class, the biggest class in the state of Texas.

The heart of high school football is about to kickoff in the city next week. Back in 2014 the UIL had made changes that moved up 6 man football of all the smaller schools around the state. Which now is considered class 1A and the currently 1A bumped up to 2A and so forth. More even teams more competitions for the schools.

Our current high schools in the city are classified: Caprock is 5A, Amarillo High another 5A, Tascosa is now 6A and Palo Duro they are 5A. That tells you how big our city is and that our local high school teams are playing for the big classifications titles.

10 high school football championships are played on the same weekend, on same field. Currently, Texas Futbol (soccer) has Class 3A, 4A and 5A schools around the state. UIL is the governing body for high school athletics in Texas.


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