Amarillo's 2 biggest schools are taking on new districts per the University Interscholastic League.  Dropping Amarillo High School into the 4A district, and bumping Tascosa High up into the 5A district.

4A is considered better for traveling as the miles the league covers aren't nearly as many as the 5A district, which is more then 300 miles across Texas, making commute to games all that much harder for family, friends and alumni.

Another drastic change comes for Amarillo High as this is the first time the school has not been in the states highest enrollment classification.

Amarillo Globe News

This is the first time Amarillo High will not be in the state’s highest enrollment classification. Also, for the first time since it opened in 1958, Tascosa won’t battle its crosstown rival in a district football game late in the fall. Instead, the game will take place in early September, with only bragging rights on the line.

“It will take away some of the luster since it’s not a district game, but it will not take away the emotion,” Amarillo ISD athletic director Brad Thiessen said. “It will take away some of that, ‘if we win or lose, where does this put us in district,’ but as far as the intensity of the game, that won’t change.”

This new change will require Tascosa to travel thousands of miles over the season to play schools in Abilene, Midland, Odessa, San Angelo and Lubbock.  The state will step up and increase the funding for Tascosa next year by around $100,000 so that should help out a little bit.

It's just one of those "2 side to every coin" scenarios.  There's good and bad things coming from this.  More travel but more money for Tascosa, less travel, but less money as well for Amarillo High.

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