When it comes to the Texas Panhandle we love to have new things come into our towns.  Things that make them better.  That's what's happening in the town of Fritch.  One family is bringing something new.

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A new place is on the way and it sounds like the perfect place to get refreshed.  On your way to Lake Meredith, after your visit to Lake Meredith, or driving through town.

Meredith Mike's will be opening sometime in June.  They were hoping to be open by Memorial Weekend, but you know how remodeling and building go, you have to have the supplies, and the supply chain is still messed up, but they will still be celebrating.

I'll give you more information on that, but for now, let's talk about what this business is bringing to Fritch.

Meredith Mike's will be a dirty soda shop (not that kind of dirty, get your mind out of the gutter).

What is a dirty soda?

It's where you take a Coke, Dr Pepper, or any soda and add flavored syrups and different creams. They will have signature dirty sodas, or you can come up with your own flavors.    It is non-alcoholic (unless you add that later, on your own, in the privacy of your own home).

They will be serving up their dirty soda and they will also have snacks and food offerings.    It sounds like the perfect place to grab a drink before you hop on the boat.

Where is it located?

The shop and the celebration will be located at 307 W. Broadway in Fritch, TX

Why is it called Meredith Mike's?

Well if you don't know who Meredith Mike is, then let me tell you just a bit.  Legend has it that a giant catfish has lived in the lake since the 70s and maybe even the 60s.  There is even a reward if you catch him, somewhere around the area of $1M.  It's a lake tale that has been told for generations.  In fact, you can read more about it here.

Plus they will have the ability to keep the legend alive for those who visit their store.

Will they offer delivery?

According to the owners:

We are also trying to work out a permit with the park service that will allow us to take an order and deliver the items to people on the lake. that permit is not complete yet.

What's the plan for Memorial Weekend?

Since they won't be able to open the store by Memorial Weekend, they are still going to have a big blowout.  They are wanting to honor the men and women who have sacrificed so much.  They are planning a big party on May 29th from 7-10 pm.  It'll be a free night of family fun.  They will have a kids' area, live music from Mila Rae, and Tank's Burgers and StiX food trucks will be set up selling food.  BYOC (bring your own chair) and come have a great time.

If you're heading to Lake Meredith for the holiday, pop up into Fritch and have a great evening.   Even if you're not specifically going to the lake, you should take a little road trip to check out this fun event.

I'm excited about this new business and excited about the celebration.  Our smaller towns are perfect for a quick road trip.  It's fun and you learn about our area, plus it's a chance to get out of Amarillo for a bit.

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