Got a dog that hasn't been neutered yet? Have an unhealthy fascination with glitter? Well, do we have the thing for you!

In something that I really hope is a hoax, there appears to be a new option for adding a touch of color in your dog's next grooming session. We've seen groomers across the country offering services like painting your dog's nails or adding bright colors to your dog's coat. But now, someone had the strange idea (and I really don't think I want to know where the idea originated) of applying a coat of glitter to a dog's scrotum.

Called "Glitterballed" by the Facebook page 'Groomies', the posters assured readers that the procedure is entirely safe for the dogs, especially when male dogs do what they do and start licking, as the glitter is actually edible cake glitter and applied with corn syrup.

How would you react if you saw your neighbors walking their dog down the street with a pair of disco balls swinging out the back?

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